Friday, December 17, 2010

The secret lives of animals, pt. 1

My friend Rob in Tokyo took this photo of a fish:

It made me think, wouldn't it be funny if there were Borscht Belt comedians in the fish world.  "Take my wife -- please! [laughter]. Yeah, take her.. my wife's so dumb, she swims downstream to spawn! [laughter]. She's not so fashionable either.  Goes to the beautician, they try to sell her some aqua-net. She says ain't that what they used to catch Uncle Mort? [laughter]. Yeah, it's funny to you! She's always on my ass. Always callin' me a bottom feeder [laughter] But what! Ya think plankton and tiny bits of decomposing organic matter grow on trees? [applause]"

Who else has some good fish jokes? It's good to have common interests with your friends.

Hey! Drop me a line kid. I can take you places. I know guys at the hottest night spots in the Marianas trench. I'm always looking for new talent.